MySkinCare Programs

Healthy hair, clear skin and a de-stressed mind are common wellness goals for us all. Our award winning programs have, therefore, been created by our expert panel of dermatologists and doctors keeping common hair, skin and wellness concerns in mind.

In our experience, treatments for skin brightening, acne removal, anti-ageing and anti-hair fall are most sought after and enquired about by our patients to achieve their goals of healthy hair and clear skin. We have therefore developed four, six and eight week long programs, which we recommend beginning at the first and earliest signs of these symptoms.

Each program includes consultations with our doctors as well as a supply of supplements and products to ensure that you achieve your wellness goals of clear skin, healthy hair and overall well being.

We hope you could find a wellness program to suit your needs. We suggest you refer to our advice section to learn more about the causes and solutions for various wellness concerns including commonly faced ones like hair fall and acne removal. You can always reach out to us for a consultation (link) with our expert panel of dermatologists and doctors, or shop directly for a particular product. From weight loss supplements to acne removal treatments, we are a one-stop shop for all your wellness requirements.

We are also thrilled to present the launch of India’s first online Apothecary. If you need to reformulate a particular medicine or product to exclude an unwanted ingredient that you or your patient is allergic to, need to alter the dosage of a medicine, or need to change the form of a particular medicine from tablet to syrup form for children, then an Apothecary is the solution for you.

Please note that:
We provide complete information on all active ingredients and also provide detailed description of products listed on our website.
Our products are 100% genuine as they are sourced directly from manufacturers.
We adhere to safety standards and ensure that our products are nowhere near expiry date.
If need be, you can consult our doctors before making your purchase.

Brought to you by renowned doctors and specialists, is an amalgamation of medical knowledge, natural care and quality proven products - delivered to your doorstep!

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