Sesderma Hidraloe Aloe Gel Image

Sesderma Hidraloe Aloe Gel

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Ultisoft Moisturising Lotion (100ml)

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Sesderma Hidraloe Aloe Gel

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For your Dry Skin, Itchy Skin

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Sesderma's Hydro Aloe Vera gel contains 100% pure aloe vera of the Aloe Barbadensis type, which has moisturizing, softening, refreshing and protective properties for the skin.

It is oil-free and therefore does not leave a greasy feeling, and is especially recommended for times when the skin has suffered strong aggressions, such as after shaving or exposure to cold weather due to winter sports.

*Suitable for all skin types.

Help when your skin needs it most!

Ingredients of Sesderma Hidraloe Aloe Gel:

100% Pure Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

How to Use:

Apply directly to the skin and massage it gentle for sometimes Few people reported that Sesderma Hidraloe aloe gel also works well when used as a face wash.

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