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How Long Does Your Moisturizer Stay Good?

How Long Does Your Moisturizer Stay Good?

Most skin-care products contain preservatives to keep them fresher longer and to increase their shelf life. Even the ones with natural and organic ingredients. Much like everything in nature, even these preservatives tend to lose their optimal function over a period of time.

At, we provide ample information about preservatives and the date within which a product must be used. We never sell products that have expired or are close to the expiry date.

When it comes to body moisturizer, throw away unfinished bottles that have been open for more than two years. An expired lotion will not necessarily damage the skin, but the product will not lock in moisture or hydrate as thoroughly. Sealed and unopened bottles should be good for three years.

However, if you notice changes in your moisturizer’s smell or texture before the mentioned expiry date, discard it. The more active ingredients a lotion contains (like SPF) and the more bacteria introduced (as when you put your fingers into a jar), the less stable the lotion will be and the more quickly it will expire.

Opting for products that have more hygienic packaging such as pump dispensers and tubes help in keeping germs out effectively, as opposed to screw-top tubs that your fingers have to reach into. Finally, storing products in a cool place is also essential in order to prevent them from spoiling before time.

Synopsis- Make use of products within its stated expiry date. Even if it does not cause a reaction beyond that time period, it will lose its potency. Check the product’s back label to find out how many active ingredients there are. Avoid products that need you to dip your fingers into them and store them in cool, ventilated places.

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