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We at, are focused on helping you choose the right product as per your needs. Our inhouse dermatologists are here to guide and help you make the best possible choice.

Keloids, wound marks and hypertrophic scars are all different names for problems commonly referred to as ‘scars’ or ‘marks’. They can be caused due to injury or trauma, or can even happen due to some severe skin or autoimmune diseases.

No scar is impossible to treat. All that is required is perseverance towards the treatment - managing it holistically and consistently.

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Modern day science offers some great home care regimens which work well for scars. Ingredients like silicones, vitamin C, madecassoside are known to help in preventing and treating scarring.

Scar treatment sometimes needs a stepwise planned management - a clear treatment road map by our inhouse doctors will help you achieve the best possible results.

We at may also refer you to dermatologists for advice and interventional treatments such as injections (Hylase and Triamcinolone Acetate Solutions) and new fractional laser technologies (Fractional Lasers 1540 wavelengths and CO2 laser) that help a great deal in the treatment of various types of scars.

MySkinCare Recommended Products

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Derma Wash Anti Acene Facewash Gel

₹ 290

TRICLOSAN : Broad spectrum anitbacterial & anitungal agent.Useful in that is retalined on the face following washing as a residual...

Crystawhite Cream

₹ 450

Crystawhite Cream is a beauty and wellness product which is just the right choice for crystal clear skin. It is highly...

Xkimo Lotion

₹ 270

"Aloevera : Improves skins hydration by its humectant mechanism Vitamine E : Has been shown to promote healing reduce the...

Navibrite Gel -

Navibrite Gel

₹ 1,500 ₹ 1,350

Multi-Action Skin Lightening Gel. Helps Acne-Prone Skin By Exfoliating Dead Skin Cells From The Surface. Support New Skin Cell Growth...

Adonis Adoclear Vitamin C Serum

₹ 1,313

Adoclear Vitamin C Serum is used for brighter, smoother, and firmer skin. It reduces the appearance of age spots, improves skin...

Screene Stick SPF 50+ PA++++

₹ 1,600

Water-resistant and easy to apply, the Blue SPF 50+ Sunscreen Stick is perfectly adapted to extreme sun exposure in the...

Neutriderm Brightening Body Lotion

₹ 3,500

Neutriderm Brightening Body Lotion will lead you to a smooth, brighter and younger-looking skin. This pH-balanced body lotion will provide...

Sesderma Rosoil Mender Rose Hip Oil 5x2ml

₹ 2,300

Sesderma Rose Hip Oil is an improved rosehip oil that helps to regenerate all skins and improves the skin's defenses. Suitable...

Glyco A Cream 12%

Glyco A Cream 12%

₹ 249 ₹ 199

Glyco-12 cream is a hydrophilic emollient containing contains Glycolic acid 12%. Glycolic acid specific separate effects on different layers of...

Cicatrix Scar Reducing Cream 30ml

₹ 3,950

Is a new formulation that contains activated Centella asiatica and Pinus sylvestris Promotes, protects and accelerates scar healing It facilitates...

Hexilak Ultra Gel

₹ 547

Hexilak Ultra Gel consists of Silicone gel with CCP technology and pro vitamin C as active ingredients. ' Advanced scar...

Melaglow Cream

₹ 580

Melaglow cream contains a potent combination of soy isoflavones, liquorice extract, Tetrahydro curcumin, avobenzone. Melaglow skin brightening and lightening cream...

Fixderma Skarfix Plus Cream

Fixderma Skarfix Plus Cream

₹ 225 ₹ 199

Reduce hyper pigmentation, melasma, acne scars lighten freckles & provides UV Protection Skarfix Plus mechanism is based on the inhibition...

Scarclin Cream

₹ 329

Scarclin Cream contains Mucopolysaccharide Polysulphate as an active ingredient. Mucopolysaccharide polysulfate is used in the treatment of thrombophlebitis. Key Benefits/...

Scarzit Gel 20g

₹ 375

Gel is an intensive solution for scars from C-sections, cuts, acnes and surgeries. Appearance of old and new scars will...

Menarini Hexilak Ultra Advanced Scar Formula 15g

₹ 500

Hexilak ultra gel is effective to treat keloid and hypertrophic scars resulting from injury, acne, operations, burns, stretch marks, breast...