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Acglicolic Classic Forte Gel-cream

₹ 2,950

Fluid gel-cream with the greatest anti-aging, hydrating and renewing power. Formulated with glycolic acid, it achieves a “Photoshop-like” effect. Try...

Acnises Spot 15ml

₹ 1,600

Improves color and texture of skin with acne sequelae (marks/scars, pimples and red or brown spots).mproves color and texture of...

Acnises Young Roll On

₹ 1,690

Immediate effect. Especially indicated to eliminate skin impurities of acne prone skin. Focal treatment of acneic lesions.Contains salicylic acid with...

Angioses Gel

₹ 2,000

Tones and helps stimulate circulation to the treatment area, contains a combination of active inflammatory and vein protector synergistic action,...

Atopises Bath Gel

₹ 2,900

Forget the meaning of “tightness” and enjoy your shower! With Atopises Bath Gel you’ll love the feeling of cleanliness and...

Atopises Moisturising Body Milk

₹ 4,000

The symptoms of atopic skin can be annoying and irritating. Use Atopises body milk, your best ally against them.One of...

Atopises Moisturizing Cream

₹ 2,600

Facial and/or focal moisturizer for atopy-prone, reactive, and dry skins. Prevents, spaces out, and reduces the number of outbreaks. Can...

Azelac Ru Cream Gel

₹ 2,400

Do you have photoaged skin with dark blemishes and wrinkles? Azelac Ru cream gel will be your best ally. It...

Azelac Ru Hand Cream

₹ 2,200

Prevents and improves the appearance of blemishes caused by the sun • Nourishes, regenerates, protects and evens out the skin...

Azelac Ru Luminous Fluid

₹ 1,600

It’s better to be safe than sorry, but better still is to meet both of these requirements. This is why...

Babyses Moisturising Lotion

₹ 1,880

Hydrates, protects and smooths skin.Babyses' Body milk lotion has been formulated to pamper the baby's skin, moisturise it and take...

Babyses No Tears Ph Shampoo

₹ 1,500

Share a relaxing and calm moment with your baby without having to worry about tears, but rather enjoy their smile...

C Vit Radiance Glowing Body Milk

₹ 2,950

This nourishing body milk also contains an antioxidant complex and provides instant luminosity thanks to its luminous pigments. On your...

C-Vit Intensive Serum

₹ 1,900

New flash-effect hydrating and illuminating ampoules. On your skin, Vitamin C transforms into light. And this dose of pure vitamin...